maandag 20 juni 2011

Haul: Action

Today I went to Action with my sister we had to shop for her because she's going to college this summer. But I saw some nice things too ! (: Here they are!

At the Action you have expensive drugstore product for less money, because it's in another language then dutch, but I really don't mind reading English!
This is Dove Damage Therapy. I had a sample from this line and really liked it and this is shampoo and conditioner in one! Easy for traveling (: 

I have wanted to try waxing strips, but I always found them to expensive for just trying. Normally these cost around 7 euros,  now I bought them for 2,98! :o
I think I will scream like hell while waxing my legs! 

A pink (!!) shower, sponge/puff/thingy. I needed a new one so. (:

A make-up organizer! I read about this on other beauty blogs! It cost me like 3 euros so that's really cheap! I found this really handy for my everyday make-up! 

So I hope you enjoyed this! 

xoxo Laura

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