zondag 20 februari 2011


Okay, I have always really liked the body shop, but I always find it so expensive so I mostly only shop sales outthere. So since holidays are over and there are stille a few days of  sales left , I went there and they had this thing with the classics, and there I found this moisture cream with carrots. (yes carrots again, they are good for my skin) I was with my sister and you wanted the moisture cream too and she also took a green apple shower gel, now if you bought 3 classics they would only cost you 12euros together so we bought them together and so this cream costed only 4 euros for me wich is really really low price for the body shop and the amount you get.

So first me and my sister tries this cream on our hands and went shopping somewhere else, then came back feeling that the cream was very nourishing and softning, then we bought it. I've not been using it a lot cause I also bought this vitamine E set of minis, Wich I have been using for the last to weeks.

Vitamine E mini set: Cream Cleanser, Hydrating Toner, Night cream and Day cream.
I wanted to try a toner and a make up cleanser but I was scared to get the big bottles of them , so I decided to try all of the little ones. Since the cream cleanser doen not take waterproof make up of I have been using non waterproof mascara wich I also like cause it's so easy to take off and I have noticed that my lashes feel stronger in some kind of way. The toner takes the rest of you make up cleanser of and makes you skins ready for applying a moistriser. I have been doing this every morning before my make up and every night after taking my make up off. And I really like it. My skins feels clean and soft. So this is totally a keeper. I hope you've all enjoyed this review!

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